Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pulau Kapas

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Pulau Kapas abounds in numerous deserted, white sandy beaches lined with shady palm trees to make a perfect niche to laze on. Relaxation is the foremost occupation here. It offer a refreshing change from everyday haste.

The island is just 4 nautical miles from Marang. It's is an ideal place to break away and chill it out. Pulau Kapas is made up of two islands Pulau Gemia and Pulau Kapas. Pulau Kapas is about easy access, choices and plenty of bargain. Places to stay ranging from camping sites to dormitory to island resorts with en suite facilities. Only thing that never change on this island is the constant number of backpackers arriving and departing each day.

July, August and the local holidays are the best times to go. An island famous for its clear waters, sandy white beaches and swaying palms, it is relatively isolated. Home to an infinite variety of hard and soft corals, the waters around the island abound with sea-shells, fish and turtles. The island's laid back atmosphere is ideal for relaxation but the more adventurous will find it is also a haven for swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, boating and fishing.Kapas has somehow become the refuge of those who refuse or could not join the Perhentian' crowd. The island is favorite with the local people in the very high season and the public holidays.

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*Key Tips*
Pulau Kapas is difficult to access during the monsoon (November - March).


  1. ooo pulau kapas slaen bln nov mac bley la pegi? ok2! nuff tdo lg.. so lepak cni lak..

  2. wow!!pulau kapas sgt cantik!! xsba nak pegi sane CNY holiday ni...hehe..tengs luffy... :)